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Which is beneficial for curing kidney infections and urinary stones Sometimes athletes take it for the purpose of increasing the muscle mass This is possible because an increase in testosterone facilitates muscle growth It has been proved to have helped in lowering the cholesterol levels Some minor problems like headache eye problems like conjunctivitis and itching of the eyes can also be treated with this herb It has a positive effect on the overall immune system of our body Side Effects The most Endozyn side effect which has been observed is stomach upset and nausea feeling However it is a temporary effect and can be controlled if the supplement is taken along with a meal In some women it has been observed that their voice have changed Usually the tone of the voice decreases This may be caused due to the change in the level of hormones in the body Mood swings is another minor side effect It shows up in the form of anger In some people excessive hair growth over the body and face has been observed.
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